Photo : Eric St-Pierre
Vrac Merci, Jean-Talon Market, Montreal


While the average person knows what a cup of coffee is, few people truly understand or appreciate it on a deeper level—where it comes from, its strengths and weaknesses, its distinct characteristics, how it’s roasted, stored, and prepared . . . I’m here to answer your questions.

Like Asterix’s Obelix, who fell into the cauldron of magic potion when he was a baby, I have bathed in coffee since I was a wee thing.

My strength lies in my love for the tasting profession. I have a nose for peeling back the layers of aromas and a palate that can pick out all the nuances of tastes and flavours.

Each producer country region has its own characteristics that evolve with its crops and seasons. Our blends are drawn from the finest beans grown under optimal environmental conditions, without artificial fertilizers or chemical herbicides and in partnership with our small producer co-operatives.

Join me on a journey of flavours worthy of even the most discriminating coffee connoisseurs.

Sylviane Parent

I welcome your questions and comments:

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