Photo : Eric St-Pierre
Vrac Merci, Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

Grinding guide

Which grind should you choose?
Different grind, different flavor. Grinding plays a key role in the aspect of the brew, the texture of the foam and the creaminess of the coffee.

There are basically 7 types of coffee grinds related to coffee brewing methods. Grinds are linked with their brewing method : from the finest to the coarsest.
1 Turkish grind: extra-fine powder, floury texture, used for preparing Turkish coffee.
2 Espresso grind : very fine powder, used for brewing electric espresso machines (Saeco, Rancillio, etc.) or the Aeropress or the Bialetti BRIKKA.
3 Stovetop grind: “on top of the stove” classic metal Italian coffee maker. More or less ground midway between espresso and filter grind.
4 Espresso Breville grind : Breville manual espresso makers are capricious (double-bottom portafilter, introduced in the market circa 2007).
5 Filter grind : medium-fine grind, used for filter paper basket-equipped coffee makers. The REGULAR grind. The conical basket on the cup will require the finer grind “fine filter” or “Melitta”
6 Bodum grinding: coarser grind, used for making coffee in a French coffee press type or Espro fancier french press.
7 Percolator grind : coarse grind, used for making coffee in a percolator type coffee or for large format urns (50, 100 cups generally).