Photo : Eric St-Pierre
Vrac Merci, Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

AirScape from Crate & Barrel

How to get the most airtight container without compromising on your wallet ? Well, this Airscape©, from Crate & Barrel may be the solution. Some may argue that a ziploc bag and a straw to remove air is a great way to go. I agree. But my mother in-law won’t.

We’ve ground some freshly roasted Mokala and stored for 6 days

Does it really work?

6 weeks later, rancid coffee.

We repeated the test.

6 weeks later? rancid coffee.


6 weeks later? rancid coffee.

Then ? Well, we stopped testing. It may be nice on a kitchen counter but it does not delay the degradation of coffee. It’s no different from plain paper bag.

Some of our customers have their coffees and vacuum-packed in those funky machines called “food saver”). Little bit expensive. But we heard it’s worthwhile.

Others prefer the traditional way : brew within 1 to 5 weeks from purchase.

If you happen to come across one of our coffees that does not live to our promise or your standards (to err is human and our vigilance can sometimes be lacking!), Please contact us, you will be able to experience that we are damn serious about freshness !

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