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Find our coffees

We believe that coffee—like good fresh bread—should be prepared and enjoyed locally, for the pleasure of local consumers. That’s why Santropol coffee is sold almost exclusively in Quebec, primarily in the Montreal area. We take pride in being a small coffee roaster supplied by small coffee producers, and we strive to understand and meet the needs of the surrounding community. That in itself is no small feat!

And yet, Santropol coffees can be hard to find. On the right of your screen is a complete list of the grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and student cafés that carry our products.

We also have close friends who work very hard to bring our coffees to the Ottawa region and Newfoundland. Their customers are also listed.

Please note that we are currently under a complete revision of the list and some retailers may not come up. The French version is currently the one most up-to-date.

Having trouble finding our coffee in your region? Now you can buy it online by clicking here.

Is your office looking for a coffee service provider? Would you like sell our coffee in your restaurant or grocery store? Want to know more about our fundraising packages? Simply select and send us the appropriate request form from the drop-down menu in this section.