Photo : Éric St-Pierre
Coopacvod, Dondon, Haiti

EZWay Ecokcup

EZWay ecokcup, the reusable that fits with Keurig and compatible coffee brewers.

Grind :
Ideally, one notch coarser than filter. Regular filter grind will do, but will leave some deposits at the bottom of the cup.

Composition :
BPA-free plastic, stainless steel filter, silicon cover

Care :
Easily rinsed in water, it doesn’t go in the dishwasher.

Works with :

no known incompatibility. Can’t guarantee it’ll work with all machines out there though.


one use per day and you’ll alleviate 10kg of waste .
per year.
Economie :

Assuming the ecokcup would last only a year, with a k-cup @0,70$ and 10g per shot, you’d save yearly around 130$.


Ready to buy ?

1. You only buy one ecokcup ? Contact us with our contact form and mention “ecokcup” in the message. We’ll send you the paypal link for payment. We’ll then proceed to expedition.

2. You want to buy the ecokcup and try it with one of our coffees ? Click on our online store.

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