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The name Santropol has been around since 1976, but we couldn’t have survived and flourished without the support of the community. The restaurant may have lent the strength of its name to a meals-on-wheels service, helping to get it rolling in terms of equipment and technical support, but in the last few years, Santropol Roulant has earned its independence thanks to dedicated staff, volunteers, and financial partners. And that makes the founders of Café Santropol proud.

As for its roasting house, Santropol’s involvement goes beyond its commitment to fair trade and organic farming. Getting involved means donating coffee on a regular basis to organizations that advocate for human dignity and life, such as Le Chaînon (a women’s shelter), Passages, Suicide Action Montreal, the Côte-des-Neiges women’s centre, and En Marge 12–17.

Getting involved also means supporting academic and community groups by donating coffee and lending equipment for their meetings and conferences, and we systematically offer discounts to non-profit organizations that choose our coffee.

The Santropol roasting house has chosen to employ manual workers, to ensure quality control as well as true respect for the product. In doing so, we have created jobs suitable for people who are physically and/or intellectually impaired. We hire them either on a permanent basis or for a work-study program, and cover between 60% and 100% of their salary.