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The Santropol roasting house takes the planet—with all its natural environments and the humans that inhabit it—to heart. As an importer, roaster, and distributor of fair trade coffee, we are aware that everything we do has an impact on the environment.

We consume fuel to import our coffees, we burn natural gas to roast them, we package the beans to protect them and extend their shelf life, and we use gas-powered vehicles to serve many of our clients.

Simply offering organic and fair trade coffee might be environmentally friendly enough for some—but not for us. We’ve started measuring our greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting these emissions by purchasing carbon credits through a reforestation project in Nicaragua led by the Montreal-based organization Taking Root. We recently updated our bags to reflect it. If you want to know more about this initiative, much more : click here.

We also compost the jute coffee-bean bags used use for the intercontinental transport of our coffee, as well as the organic waste created in the roasting process. If you want to get some, contact us, it’s free !

As for our packaging, there is currently no greener solution to protect both the quality of our beans and our customers’ environment. We continue, however, to seek a better solution to this issue.