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Santropol was established in 1976 as the first café in the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montreal.

It was also the first restaurant in Quebec to exclusively offer 100% certified organic and fair trade and coffee (1997) and among the first roasters of 100% certified organic and fair trade coffee in Canada (1999).

In 2003 we established a partnership with Copardès Canada inc., founded by Sylviane Parent, one of Canada’s most experienced coffee experts. During the United States embargo against Nicaragua in the 1980s, Sylviane was the first roaster of fair trade coffee in North America (1988), in association with Equal Exchange (Boston).

We started to sell our coffees with a commitment to two different third-party certifiers : Transfair Canada (later to be known as Fairtrade Canada) and OCIA. In 2012, we changed those commitments to the Small Producers’ Symbol and Ecocert.