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All our coffees are organically grown. For an organic coffee to reach your cup, it must adhere to strict organic farming practices for both cultivation and production.

  • The soil must be replenished naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Agricultural pests such as insects and fungi must be controlled using non-synthetic products that pose no harm to the health of the workers or the ecosystem.
  • Coffee must be grown with companion plants and trees, for the greater good of all humans, insects, reptiles, and birds that live in the area.
  • Water- and energy-saving procedures must be used, as well as procedures that allow consumers to trace the coffee back to the actual farm where it was grown.
  • Organic and conventional coffee beans must be clearly separated before, during, and after roasting.
  • These procedures must be verified by independent inspectors.

The end result is a coffee that truly reflects the distinct tones and flavours of its origins, without having any negative consequences on the health of the growers and roasters. What more could a coffee lover ask for?