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Eric St-Pierre is a Canadian-based professional photojournalist who has specialized in fair trade since 1996. He has visited more than 20 countries and documented 15 different fair trade products. He has presented 5 major photo exhibits and published 3 books of photographs on fair trade. His latest, Fair Trade: A Human Journey, is the most complete book of photographs ever published on fair trade. His stock images range in the thousands of photographs and he is also available for specific assignments regarding social, environmental and international aid issues, and as well for editorial and corporate photographs.


Born in Zaragoza, Spain, Antonio Diez Parra has lived in Nicaragua since 1996. Originally an industrial engineer, Diez Parra subsequently discovered his vocation as a self-taught photographer, preferring documentary-style photojournalism, particulary in black and white; his professional commissions include corporate photography and digital imaging for international organizations and institutions, as well as for the tourism industry in Central America. He is also, since 2004, the editor and publisher of ‘Anda Ya!’, a tourist guide for Nicaragua. He is as well a photography teacher, has participated in many photographic exhibitions in Spain and in Nicaragua, and has won 13 prizes in photography competitions in Spain. His photographs have been featured in newspapers, magazines and tourist guides in Spain, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.